When looking for a suitable online bookmaker, evaluating your options based on personal preferences is vital. You, no doubt, want a platform that understands what you would like even before you think it. In that case, the GGBet sports betting platform strives to fulfil your gambling needs by constantly carrying out thorough research on today’s ever-evolving user requirements. Here’s what you will get when you choose the GGBet sportsbook for sports betting online:

  • Massive collection of sporting events;
  • The platform is available 24/7, so you can conveniently bet from any timezone;
  • Competitively betting odds for maximized profits on correct predictions;
  • High rollers can stake huge amounts on popular events and win big;
  • Guaranteed fast payout on all bets;
  • User-tailored customer care service;
  • The most professional and attentive customer support team;
  • Airtight security and privacy.

Sports Betting at GGBet: Complete Guide

GGBet is a premium sports betting site that constantly seeks to keep players satisfied whenever they want to predict the outcomes of their favourite sporting events. Our goal is to provide the best online sports betting experience you will ever have – once you go to GGBet, you will never go back! And should you need some guidance while enjoying our online sportsbook, we are always ready to provide it, thanks to our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team.

At the GGBet online sports gambling site, we accommodate a wide range of pre-match betting markets and live in-play options where you can place wagers as the events take place. Without a doubt, if you’d like to start backing your sporting predictions with real money, there’s no better sports betting site than the GGbet sportsbook.

To begin placing wagers on the range of sporting events available on our gambling platform, you just need to follow a few quick and easy steps. Here’s what you should do:

  • Register for a GGBet account by clicking on the bright orange ‘Sign Up’ button on any GGbet webpage.
  • Go to the sports page and select your preferred genre on the left sidebar.
  • Select a live or pre-match sports event that you would like to wager on.
  • You will see a list of matches with odds for different betting markets or potential outcomes on the specific event.
  • The ‘+’ sign on the odds will reveal more markets that you can add to your bets.
  • Click on the desired result, and it will automatically show a betting slip at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter the amount you’re willing to bet on the slip, and the expected payout, if your prediction is correct, will be indicated.
  • Confirm your selections and click the green ‘Bet’ button!

What Sports You Can Bet on at GGBet

As one of the best sports betting sites across the world, GGBet features tons of sporting genres taking place in different regions, and they all come with vast betting markets. As a result, there’s a lot to explore in the GGbet sports section, and we are 100% sure that your favourite sport is in our collection.

Variety is one thing that we pride ourselves in because we want betting on sports at GGBet to be absolute bliss for you, irrespective of your preferences. So, on top of all the major sports events happening in different parts globally, we also cover less popular events. Some of the sports with the broadest coverage at the GGBet sportsbook are as follows:


Soccer or football is the world’s most popular sport, and so, it’s no surprise that it enjoys the broadest coverage. Whether you are a beginner or an avid bettor, you can’t go wrong with betting on football in our sportsbook. At GGbet, football betting is an enthralling experience packed with non-stop action as you’ll find countless opportunities to make predictions on all the major leagues of the sport. Moreover, the GGbet football betting section also offers you a chance to place wagers on lesser-known tournaments in different regions.

Whenever you log on to our platform at any particular time of day or night, there’s always a football match you can wager upon. With 11 players on each team plus subs, the number of possible outcomes (betting markets) for soccer betting in a single match is massive. Most of the matches that we cover have upwards of 300+ markets. Some of the big leagues that we cover are as described below:

  • UEFA Champions League

Football is taken a bit more seriously in Europe than anywhere else in the world, and the UEFA Champions League is the ‘it’ of major leagues in the region. Although the participating teams are European national leagues from England, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and many more, the action attracts fans from all over the world, creating a goldmine for betting markets.

  • UEFA Europa League

This annual football league competition comes right after UEFA Champions League in Europe’s most important club football leagues. Participating clubs come from Spain, England, Italy, Germany, Portugal and 11 other European countries. The number of possible outcomes for some of the UEL matches is over 450.

  • English Premier League

The EPL is a national football club league competition, but the cult-like following it has amassed over the years is enough to place it at the top of the crop. Place live EPL wagers on teams such as Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, and many more.

  • Spanish La Liga

This is the top professional football league of the Spanish Football League system. It’s made up of 20 top Spanish clubs that battle it out every year for the top spot or strive to avoid being relegated to lower divisions. Of all La Liga matches, nothing beats El Clasico, the high-octane match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. It generates more revenue than any other game during the year and has even been labeled the “most relevant game of the Spanish La Liga.” Fans, investors and media always have their eyes on the action, rating the two teams and players whenever they clash. The odds are usually very tight, and the betting process here is typically quite exciting.


Hockey, particularly ice hockey, is Canada’s national sport, and subsequently, ice hockey is ranked 4th in popularity across the North American region. And when you come to GGBet, you’ll be impressed to find out that the ice hockey betting options we have at your disposal are more expansive than anything you’ve experienced before. We’ll not only offer you rich opportunities to place bets on national hockey championships for countries in the Americas, but our broad coverage also extends to some leagues in Asia.

Log on to the GGbet ice hockey section to play the puck line, bet on totals, double chance, 1×2 bets, and so much more. The major ice hockey leagues that players at our lobby have been gravitating towards are such as:

  • NHL – 24 US and 7 Canadian teams are featured in this North American professional ice hockey league. Understanding money lines is the key to a successful betting endeavour on the National Hockey League.
  • KHL – Russian teams dominate this hockey league which has 24 teams from 6 countries in Eastern Europe and China. It has millions of spectators waiting to see some much-awaited action each year.
  • Stanley Cup – After the NHL playoffs, the winner is awarded the Stanley Cup in a grand finale that is the Stanley Cup Championship.
  • Hockey World and European Championships – Other famous hockey championships like the VHL, MHL, Hungary Erste Liga are also available to bet on at GGBet.

It’s worth noting that while ice hockey betting covers much of hockey betting activities at GGbet, you can also bet on ball hockey and field hockey if that’s what you prefer. So, just navigate to the hockey section, pick your event and start enjoying yourself right away!


Professional basketball takes centre stage in some parts of the world, especially the US and Canada. Furthermore, there is a Eurasian market growing at lightning speed, and some noteworthy leagues have been created in the process.

The GGBet basketball betting section offers plenty of markets for predicting outcomes of the sport, including options like winner, totals and handicap. Given that our odds are the most lucrative in the market, as long as you make the correct predictions, you are assured of generous payouts from each win. Some of the most exciting hoops competitions you’ll find at GGBet are such as:

  • NBA – NBA is synonymous with basketball, and placing wagers on events in this league has been the most popular form of betting on basketball for a while now. With a total of 30 teams, this league attracts millions of fans who are also willing to put their money where their mouths are.
  • Basketball Champions League – European basketball clubs have an annual professional competition organized by FIBA. Only the best clubs from national leagues and cup tournaments qualify for the BCL.
  • World and European Basketball Championships – These include the Euroleague, Turkey Federation Cup, German BBL, Eurocup, and many others.


Betting on fights has been going on for as long as mankind has engaged in some form of competitive fighting. There are two main types of fight-based betting at GGBet: boxing betting and MMA betting.

The odds could change pretty fast in the course of a match, making it as captivating as betting on a Viking duel in an arena full of barbarians. The only difference is that this is not a battle to the death, which is probably a good thing. MMA and boxing matches are usually lively, and just when you think you have your facts on a potential outcome, the tables turn, and the other side starts pulling off some surprise attacks that were not obvious before.

When you come for boxing and MMA betting at GGbet, you can place wagers on winners, a probable K.O., a 1×2 chance, and so on. Here’s a closer look at the two types of fight-based betting that you can enjoy in our sportsbook lobby:

Boxing Betting

You can bet on lots of boxing tournaments at GG Bet, from men’s to women’s tournaments or from amateur to professional-level boxing. The combats are also grouped into various weight categories to ensure that the opponents are equally matched in the ring. For boxing betting, the main options you’ll find at GG bet are:

  • Professional boxing – Matches are longer and have more betting markets. Therefore, you must understand the participants’ strengths and weaknesses before making predictions.
  • Semi-professional boxing – Shorter matches with fewer betting markets and a more straightforward approach to winning.

MMA Betting

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) may be relatively new as it entails a mixture of different martial fighting skills, but betting on it is gaining popularity. For MMA betting at GGbet, the most popular categories available are:

  • UFC– Bet on heavyweight, middleweight and lightweight UFC matches on our site.
  • Various mixed martial arts tournaments – Many different MMA fights are lined up waiting for you to wager on before the match begins or live as the fight goes on.
  • Women Mixed Martial Arts – Women are also breaking into the fighting space, and we are here for it. Feel free to make predictions on the outcome of several WMMA matches as you enjoy MMA betting at GGBet.

Tennis Betting

Tennis betting will see you play some tennis lines by wagering on handicaps and other interesting markets. The Grand Slam tennis series, for example, has the most popular tournaments in tennis history, and with GGbet’s tennis betting online section, you can cash in on correct predictions for the events. The tennis betting action you can catch at the GGbet sportsbook usually includes competitions from the four major events of the Grand Slam series, i.e.:

  • Wimbledon – This is the most glamorous tournament of the Grand Slam that top tennis players look forward to being a part of each year.
  • Roland Garros – Also known as The French Open, this is one of the most-watched high-end tennis tournaments in the world. The two-week affair is an epic arena for gamblers to place bets.
  • US Open – Considered the second most prestigious event of the Grand Slam, and for fans of tennis betting online, it offers one of the richest money-making opportunities.
  • Australia Open – This is the kickoff event of the Grand Slam and usually builds the momentum of the next three events of the series.

Besides the four Grand Slam contests, you can also relish some more action in the likes of WTA Chicago and Challenger New Orleans, among several other electrifying events.

Other Sports

The above examples are just a fraction of what games you can bet on at GGBet. There are many more games that entertain and offer some bountiful rewards if you master your predictions. It will be sometime before you get through the entire list, but we are sure that there will be a couple of favourites that you may want to put your money on by the end of it. You can participate in any of the following categories at GGBet: darts, chess, table tennis, futsal, handball, volleyball, baseball, pesäpallo, cricket, motorsport and cycling, winter sports (skiing, biathlon, bobsled, snowboard), beach soccer, squash, snooker, floorball and badminton.

Sports betting at GGbet is so intuitive that even newbies can start making predictions on their favourite sporting events in no time at all. As long as you enjoy a sport or you have an interest in placing bets on it, you don’t need any technical know-how to place your wagers at the GG Bet sports betting platform. Whichever event you pick, you’ll be placing wagers with the highest sports betting odds, meaning that all your correct predictions will win you the highest returns. Besides, you can start with GGbet betting bonuses. Check our bonuses page for a GGbet promo code.

GG Bet Bonus Code

Better still, GGbet is a safe and secure platform that operates legally, which is a guarantee that you’ll never have to worry about malicious prying eyes while gambling online. Furthermore, our terms of use are player-friendly to ensure that you have a seamless experience from the word go. And if you ever have any queries while using the GG Bet sports betting site, our support team is always accessible 24/7 to respond to any queries you may have.

Additionally, we offer all our patrons smooth transaction processes via a variety of fast and secure depositing and withdrawal methods. Transferring funds to and from your GG Bet account is super easy. Head over to the ‘Cashier’ tab under your account, choose whether you want to deposit or withdraw, pick what’s convenient for you and enter the amount of money you wish to transact. Join GGbet today for a cutting-edge sports betting experience!